Anotaciones on line a través del servicio de Amazon Kindle

Anotaciones on line a través del servicio de Amazon Kindle

Vía: Teleread

Amazon anuncia una nueva funcionalidad. La opción de realizar notas en los libros y poder seguirlas on line....

Well, it looks as if Amazon is gradually increasing the scope of the Kindle’s abilities. If you go to your Kindle account on Amazon here is the notice you get:

Our customers have told us that they love being able to add highlights and notes to their Kindle books, and now we’ve made it possible for you to access your highlights and notes here at AmazonKindle.

To view your highlights and notes from your browser, sign in with your Amazon account, and select one of your books where you’ve added highlights or notes.

Just as automotive GPS units are starting to move to a “connected” model, it is becoming clear that ereaders are moving that way also. Amazon is blazing the trail and everyone else better follow or they will be left behind. The “reading” experience on the Kindle is no better or worse than on any of the other ereaders I’ve seen. But the wireless feature, especially when coupled with the iPhone app, make the Kindle stand head and shoulders above anything else right now. Once you have become accustomed to the ability to browse for, and buy, books wirelessly it is almost impossible to settle for anything else. And the convenience of have both a large reader an a pocketable one with the same content is unsurpassed. And now the ability to access notes and highlights on line. What’s next?

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